The original graffiti art writers are credited with starting the modern graffiti movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s. These pioneers included:

  • Cornbread (Darryl McCray): Cornbread is considered to be the first graffiti writer in Philadelphia. He began writing his name on walls in the city in 1967, and his work quickly inspired other young people to follow in his footsteps.
  • Takashi 183 (Demetrius) and Topcat 126 (Julio 204): Takashi 183 is credited with popularizing graffiti in New York City. He began writing his name on subway cars in 1968, and his work was soon seen all over the city. Topcat 126 was another early graffiti writer in New York City, and his work was also highly influential.
  • Phase 2 (Lonny Wood): Phase 2 is credited with developing the bubble letter style of graffiti, which is one of the most iconic styles today. He began writing graffiti in New York City in 1969, and his work quickly became popular with other writers.
  • Super Kool 223 (Gerald Wesson): Super Kool 223 is considered to be one of the most innovative graffiti writers of all time. He was one of the first writers to use spray paint cans to create large-scale murals, and his work is known for its intricate designs and vibrant colors.
  • Tracy 168 (Tracy Lee): Tracy 168 is one of the few female graffiti writers who was active in the early days of the movement. Her work is known for its bold and colorful letters, and she is also credited with helping to popularize the use of stencils in graffiti.
  • Lady Pink (Sandra Fabara), is an Ecuadorian-American graffiti artist and muralist. She is considered to be one of the pioneers of female graffiti, and her work has been praised for its originality, creativity, and social commentary.

These are just a few of the original graffiti art writers . These pioneers helped to create a new and vibrant art form that has since spread all over the world. Their work continues to inspire and influence graffiti writers today.

In addition to the writers listed above, other notable early graffiti writers include:

  • Cayuco (Victor Cruz)
  • Dondi White
  • Futura 2000 (Leonard McGurr)
  • Lee Quinones
  • Phase 1 (Michael Holman)
  • Rammellzee (Rammellzee Gomez)
  • Seen (Richard “Richie” Mirando)

These writers were all active in the early days of the graffiti movement, and their work helped to define the art form. They are all considered to be pioneers of graffiti, and their legacy continues to inspire and influence writers today.